The other half of the Circle

Having shown the shore as I saw it this morning, I thought it best to show the Sea.


Found a New Toy

I have just finished watching Prof. Brian Cox’s Australian Stargazing shows and besides being blown away, it got the juices flowing a tad. So last night I went down to the seaside near Redcliffe and had a little chilly shoot. I used my 10 – 20mm Sigma wide-angle lens set to 12mm for the shoot and experimented a little with the exposure. I first tried 30 sec at ISO 400. It was also my first time using the DeepSkyStacker software (bear with me on that note please) and got this result.

1 MB file to show how stacking cleared a lot of noise.

Cloud cover was a bit of a B*&%h but you pays your money and you takes your chances as they say. This file is a bit big, to show how little noise there is, but the Tiff file that the new software produced (93MB) was not going to load I am happy with this first try and would like to present the Milky Way (with plenty of light pollution) featuring the Southern Cross, which you Northerners can’t see. Enjoy.

I’m Back – No it’s not Arnie – it’s Ron

A long while back I offended a lot of people by criticizing Graffiti, offending people seems to be my only real talent, but that aside a few weeks ago Brisbane held a Street Art Event that was supposed to display how graffiti and Street Art were related. I was interested but family commitments prevented me from attending. A fortnight later I went in to Brisbane to see what remained of the Art. There had been a quite extensive array of items listed on the event Web Site that had occurred at the Brisbane Powerhouse Museum so I centred my search on that locale because in the past I have gotten some super Grunge Industrial Punk shots there!
First let me inform you the Powerhouse Museum has changed It is now an upmarket venue site where you can buy a toasted ham sandwich with coffee for around $22 I felt like I should not have been allowed in there. I got to talk to a bloke in management there and he informed me that most of the “ART” had been in the form of projections against the walls, which had been taken away the day they were screened. I said “That is NOT Art!” he asked “what is it then?” I replied “Facebook!” Our conversation continued a while and I suggested that if they tried to do that with real art the museums and galleries would empty over night. I know my views are old fashioned and in no way trendy but that Rodin Sculpture in the Brisbane Museum shows me something different every time I see it (6 times now).
So I satisfied my quest by snapping what I could to fulfill my brief and I must say that in my walk up to Fortitude Valley (to catch the train home) showed me how well the Brisbane City Council (BCC) has disguised the traffic light control boxes along the way. Here’s what I saw.

Hell to Freeze Over

Platform Access

Platform Access

Tomorrow the Kippa Ring to Petrie Rail link is to be opened! After the People of Redcliffe have waited for this for over 135 years, you would think that John Q Citizen (Me) would be afforded the opportunity to record it for himself. Not Bloody Likely. I thought to get a few shots of the station and rail before the joyous populace thronged it in droves, so I asked the nice security man who contacted his superiors who arbitrarily said “NO!”

I asked why and didn’t get an answer so I asked if it was for security reasons? No reply. I pointed out that I was clearly visible to closed circuit tv and would have provided my details if required. Just a shrug, so I retorted “Hope the Newspaper photographers are also banned?” I was informed that they had permission so I asked why I can’t be given permission, another shrug. I don’t blame the security guy who has the Nuremberg Defence to fall back on.

I do blame the bureaucrats, who think this is a project made by them – for them and is OWNED by them. It bloody well isn’t! It is a Public Transport Facility for the use of the General Public and which was built and financed (Bureaucratic stuff ups and all) by the Public Coffers. Please try to imagine my chagrin when I walked out of the station, PEEVED is a polite term for what I felt.





The Negative feelings with which I had been imbued at the station, heightened as I proceeded west along the footpath/bikeway thoughtfully provided by those self same bureaucrats, I knew it was them, for as soon as I cleared the station proper I had my vision of the rail blocked by a continuous black panel that prevented me and other members of the public from even viewing the rail and the trains that would eventually pass by. (I always enjoyed seeing trains passing) So it appears that the powers that be, have decreed that viewing, along with Photography is Verboten. I was initially appalled to see that the blockage grew to well above my head as I walked along greeting numerous cyclist who also couldn’t see the line. I suppose though, that they should have been paying attention so as not to run into us pedestrians.

At first angered by this even bigger barrier, I proceeded on until I came to the Gubbi Gubbi Midden where I came to realize when seeing the narrower black barrier re-appear, that the taller structure was probably noise abatement for the housing and that I had been silly to have ignored the wonderful artwork that adorned the wall. So I determined to go back and photograph the creations, which follow below in a no sequential order.





















As I wandered along these wonderful Images, my anger grew a-new. NONE of them were attributed. I can’t for a minute imagine that they were created by Translink – This is real Talent NOT Mindless Bureaucracy. Hence the reason for my rant and the size of this Blog. The Railway may be opening but with the bureaucrats in charge it is as sure as shootin’ that HELL is about to freeze Over!

A Local Gem

Brown Honeyeater
This Brown Honeyeater is described as having a Piercing Call and boy is that right. You hear them all the time when walking along the Redcliffe Foreshore but rarely see them. When I took this a fellow walker asked what I was snapping – The Bird had flown, but I was able to show her this in the lcd screen and she asked “Is that the bird that makes that really penetrating High Pitched call? I answered “Yes” and she added “So Small” as she wandered off!